Top 5 Hospitals in Chennai

The hospitals in Chennai have excellent medical professionals and modern infrastructure. The city has top doctors with great experience in their field.

The city’s healthcare institutions have gained global acclaim for their advanced medical technology and skilled professionals. They serve patients from across the country and abroad.

The hospitals offer a variety of therapeutic procedures for the treatment of various diseases. They have advanced facilities and a commitment to ethical standards.

1. Fortis Malar Hospital

Fortis Malar Hospital is a healthcare facility that is renowned for its high-end infrastructure and the latest technology. It provides a range of treatment packages and surgeries to patients from across India and overseas. The hospital has a team of medical professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible care to their patients. Its facilities include a cafeteria, airport transfer service, and language interpreters.

The hospital has around 160 consultants and 650 employees, all of whom are trained to provide world-class patient care. It has a comprehensive portfolio of over 40 specialties including cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology and neurosciences, orthopaedics, nephrology, gynaecology, urology, paediatrics, and diabetes among others.

The hospital also offers a wide variety of amenities for its patients, including a 24 hour diagnostic centre and an ATM. Its international patients’ services team can help with visa applications, travel arrangements, and sightseeing trips. The hospital is located in the heart of Chennai and is easy to reach by car or public transportation. It is a short drive from the Chennai International Airport and the Chennai Central Railway Station.

2. MIOT International Hospital

 Whether you are in need of heart surgery, orthopedic intervention, or cancer treatment, MIOT’s compassionate expertise is here to help you achieve optimal outcomes.

MIOT is also known for its pioneering work in transplants and its revolutionary bone marrow transplant program. The super-specialists at the hospital are able to find solutions for even the most complex cases, thanks to their collective experience and knowledge of the field.

The team at MIOT also specializes in gastroenterology and liver diseases. Its state-of-the-art facility offers a range of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, including liver transplantation.

The hospital has also embraced telemedicine and enables patients to access consultations remotely. This helps them save time and money, while also allowing the doctors to monitor patients’ progress in real-time. Moreover, it is also working towards the realm of precision medicine, which tailors treatments to each patient’s unique genetic makeup and lifestyle factors. This ensures improved outcomes and minimizes side effects.

3. Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals is one of the most popular hospitals in Chennai and attracts patients from across India and abroad. The hospital offers advanced healthcare services, including a variety of specialty clinics and primary care centres. It also has an extensive network of pharmacies and telemedicine centres.

The hospital is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers and the Joint Commission International. These certifications reflect the hospital’s commitment to quality healthcare and adherence to international standards.

The hospital specializes in treating patients with heart diseases. It has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, such as 320-slice CT scanners, 64-slice CT scanners, and dedicated cardiac surgery operating theaters. In addition, the hospital has a team of experienced cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. The hospital also offers minimally invasive procedures, such as robot-assisted CABG surgery. This procedure is less invasive than traditional CABG surgery, and it can lead to faster recovery. The hospital also offers bone marrow transplantation (BMT) for patients with blood disorders and malignancies. The BMT unit is staffed by experienced doctors and follows strict infection control protocols to ensure the safety of patients.

4. Mehta’s Children’s Hospital

Founded in 1933, this hospital is one of the oldest multi-speciality tertiary care hospitals in India. It is located in Chennai and has over 80 medical-cum-surgical specialities. It also has over 600 expert clinical practitioners. It has two campuses: one in Chetpet and the other in Velappanchavadi. This hospital is renowned for its gynecology services and is a well-known IVF clinic in Chennai.

In 1994, Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals transformed from a nursing home into a company limited by shares. This was led by the sons of Dr. Anantrai J Mehta, Mr. Sameer Dilip Mehta and Mr. Rajkumar Samuvel.

Today, Mehta’s Children’s Hospital has grown to be a leading health care facility with over 100 beds and has several state-of-the-art facilities including the following:

5. Prashanth Hospitals

Prashanth Hospitals is a multidisciplinary hospital that provides sophisticated and dedicated health care services. Its experts and staff are well-trained and experienced, and they focus on the values of love, respect, competence, and safety. The hospital is located in Velachery and offers services such as bariatrics, cancer care, orthopedics, nephrology, neurosurgery, and more. It also has a wide range of wellness packages and a 24-hour pharmacy.

The best multispeciality hospitals in Chennai are known for their empathetic care and treatment of patients. They have the latest medical equipment and are committed to patient satisfaction. They also offer a wide range of wellness packages to help prevent disease before it becomes serious.

These top-rated multispeciality hospitals are ranked on the basis of several factors, including their facilities, patient issues, medical moxie, and overall case satisfaction. In addition, these hospitals offer a variety of services for international patients, including backing with travel arrangements and language support. They also provide a convenient way for patients to connect with their doctors remotely. These hospitals have the ability to save lives and improve patients’ quality of life.

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